Rabu, 1 April 2009


TMD710AOur price: RM2230
The advanced Kenwood TM-D710A follows in the proud tradition of the popular TM-D700A. You will have a full 50/10/5 watts on both VHF and UHF.

Key features include: internal clock for APRS®(Automatic Packet/position Reporting System) time and date stamp, APRS sort function, APRS filter function, APRS QSY function, APRS decay algorithm, APRS, proportional pathing, APRS voice alert, EchoLink ready, NOAA weather, 1000 memories and a sound card interface is built in. Versatile message with 100 messages (up to 67 characters each) is supported. There is also a NMEA 0183 GPS I/O port. And it can employed as part of Kenwood’s Skycommand System II+ when used with the TS-2000 series. The screen may be set for orange or green. There is a clock/date function.

TM-V71AOur price: RM1550
Bands Tx: 136-174MHz, 430-470MHz * Rx: 118-524MHz & 800-1300MHz * Power 50/50W * Modes: F3E (FM), F2D * Wide/Narrow Deviation * Full Dual band operation V+V/V+U/U+U *

Bands Tx: 136-174MHz, 430-470MHz * Rx: 118-524MHz & 800-1300MHz * Power 50/50W * Modes: F3E (FM), F2D * Wide/Narrow Deviation * Full Dual band operation V+V/V+U/U+U * Dual channel watch * Simultaneous 2 frequency Rx * 1010 memories with Alpha Tag feature * Memory name feature * PC programmable * 5 programmable operating profiles (PM Function) * Programmable Function Keys * Advanced Intercept Point (VHF & UHF) * Built-in EchoLink functionality with 10 dedicated memories * 1750Hz tone burst * Built-in CTCSS Encode/Decoder * DCS Encoder/Decoder * 2-colour display (Amber or Green) * Power-On-Message * Power-On-Password Protection * Data connection for external TNC * 8-pin Mini-DIN Com Port * Supply 13.8V DC current Tx <13a>

TMV708AOur price: NO STOCK
The advanced Kenwood TM-V708A dual bander provides world class communications. You will also enjoy wideband receive 118 MHz to 1.3 GHz (cellular blocked).

The TM-V708A is similar to the
TM-D700A except that it does not have APRS firmware, TNC or computer hookups. It can receive two frequencies simultaneously (even on the same band!). 200 alphanumeric (8 char.) memories channels with a memory bank scan function is featured. The front panel is fully detachable. In addition to CTCSS and 1750 kHz tone burst, you also get DCS (104 codes) plus ten DTMF memories.TM271AOur price: RM 610
Mobile communications is easier thanks to the Kenwood TM-271A 2 meter transceiver.

This radio is packed with the features you want such as: CTCSS (42 subtones), DCS (104 codes) and 1750 Hz tone burst. Several forms of scanning are supported including: VFO, program, memory, group, call scan, tone scan, CTCSS scan and DCS scan. It has Wide/Narrow deviation with switchable receive filters. There is automatic repeater offset and automatic simplex checker. Automatic power off is supported. And it is built tough to take rough treatment in stride. The TM-271A meets the strict U.S. Department of Defense MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F.

THF7EOur price: RM 1190
The Kenwood TH-F6A compact triband handheld raises the bar.

This amazing radio transmits in the 144, 200 and 440 amateur bands and has dual channel receive capability. Enjoy full 5 watts output on each band while operating with the supplied 7.4 volt 1550 mAh lithium-ion battery (or external 13.8 VDC power). A low power setting of 0.5 watts and an extra low power output of 0.05 watts is featured. The
controls are easy to use and the LCD informs you of the exact status of the radio.

THK-2ATOur price: RM 650
The Kenwood TH-K2AT is a rugged 2 meter HT with plenty of power and straight-forward operation

It provides a big 5 watts of output. It has a
large backlit LCD and backlit keys. It features Weather Alert and weather receive. You get 100 regular memories, or 50 alphanumeric (6 character) memories.

TH255AOur price: RM : BEST PRICE
Kenwood’s TH-255A handheld radio is a wise and cost-effective choice. High output gives transmissions the needed power, while the large speaker ensures reception is loud and clear. Operation is easy thanks to the large LCD panel and direct frequency entry function, and you can rest assured that the security features and sturdy construction will help protect your investment.

High RF power outputThe TH-255A provides 5.5 watts of power for wide coverage, with a choice of High/Low output.
Large speakerThe large diameter speaker outputs up to 400 mW, which helps to allow clear reception even in noisy workplaces.
Long battery lifeAnother welcome feature is 8-hour* continuous operation with the optional high capacity Ni-MH battery PB-43N.
High-visibility backlit LCDBacklighting, larger characters, and a battery level indicator all contribute to exceptional ease of use. Easy and simple to operate for both beginners and experienced users.
Security featuresIn addition to password-protection at power-on, the keypad can be locked and there’s an emergency siren for when assistance is required.


IC2820HOur price: RM 1970
The ICOM IC-2820H 2M/440 dual bander has all the features you would expect and some you would not http://www.eham.net/reviews/detail/6539

The IC-2820H receives 118-549.995 and 810- 999.990MHz* with dualwatch receiver capability that allows you to receive two bands simultaneously (including within a single band)*. Almost all VHF& UHF communications are available to you!
IC2720HOur price: RM 1360
The ICOM IC-2720H 2M/440 dual bander has all the features you want.

You get: separate front panel, wideband receive, 3 power settings, built-in CTCSS decode/encode, selectable
amber/green display, PC compatibility and 212 memory channels. Power output is 50/15/5 watts on 2 meters and 35/15/5 watts on 440 MHz. The 2720H supports cross-band repeat. It is 9600 BPS packet ready too (6 pin DIN). The 2720H also includes a built-in duplexer, full function backlit HM-133 remote DTMF hand mic, MB-84 remote controller mounting bracket, separation cable, radio mobile mounting bracket, OPC-1132 9.8 foot DC power cable and spare fuses. Main unit size: 5.5 x 1.65 x 7.4 inches 2.6 Lbs (140x40x187 mm 1.17 kg). Controller size: 5.5 x 2 x 1.2 inches 6 ounces (140x50x27 mm 150g). This model requires 13.8 VDC at 12 amps.

ICV8000Our price: RM 850
The Icom IC-V8000 is a powerhouse. This 2 meter FM mobile features high power output coupled with a rugged die-cast design and an easy-to-read alphanumeric display.

You can even change the
display from amber to green. The transmitter delivers a big 75 watts of output (75/25/10/5 watts selectable). You will be kept informed of weather emergencies with the Weather Alert and Weather Channel Scan features [USA version only]. The fully customizable memory system is awesome. A total of 207 channels (in ten banks) are supported (including 1 call channel and 6 scan edge channels). Each memory is alphanumeric and stores a 6 character name, tone frequency, skip info and more! The V8000 supports three types of scanning.

IC2200HOur price: RM 750
The Icom IC-2200H 2 meter FM mobile features a rugged design and an easy-to-read alphanumeric display.

The large informative LCD may be set to green or amber. The receiver covers 118-174 MHz and the transmitter delivers 65, 25, 10 or 5 watts of output. The improved receive IMD helps provide protection from excessively strong signals such as pager signals.

IC T90AOur price: RM 1150
The commercial grade Icom T90A transmits on 6 meters, 2 meters and 440 MHz. The T90A is also a wide band AM, FM and Wide FM scanning receiver.

Not only can you hear your favorite TV programs with the preprogrammed TV channels, but you can also listen to short-wave, AM and FM broadcast radio stations, police, fire, military, aircraft, various amateur bands and more. Receive coverage is: 495 kHz to 999.990 MHz (less cellular). With 500 alphanumeric memory channels, plus 50 band edges and 5 call channels, the IC-T90A is a dream radio! But, with ICOM's new DMS (Dynamic Memory Scan) technology, the IC-T90A makes the dream a reality. With the maximum of 18 banks or 99 channels per bank, you can pick and choose any desired channel for scanning from 500 available memories. This compact radio is comfortable in the smallest of hands, and offers full radio control for large fingers. The rugged die-cast aluminum chassis is designed for the most demanding environments with JIS-4 specification for weather resistance.

ICV85Our price: RM 680
The Icom IC-V85 offers sophisticated 2 meter performance in a stylish package.

Enjoy up to 7 watts of output. Extended receive is 136 to 174 MHz. Enjoy built-in CTCSS/DTCS Encode and Decode. 107 memory channels are featured including 6 scan edge and 1 call. Multiple
scan types are available. There are also 16 DTMF memory channels. Other enhancements include: weather channel alert (USA version), backlit alpha display, backlit keypad, repeater lock-out, auto-repeater function, time-out timer and auto power off. There is also a cool pager function available when the optional UT-108 is installed. The V85 has easy to use controls and impressive specifications.

ICV82Our price: RM 550
The ICOM V82 provides a beefy 7 watts of output power for superior transmit range.

Reduced power settings also allow you to adapt to the communication conditions and provide longer operating time. Up to 200 regular memory channels can be stored with a 6-character channel name, tone and duplex settings. The memory channels can be tagged with A-J bank name and allows you easy channel management. In addition, use Icom’s exclusive DMS (Dynamic Memory Scan) system to scan selected memory banks by simply adding and deleting bank links. Built-in CTCSS/DTCS tone codes provide quiet stand-by and allow you to access a closed repeater. The pocket beep alerts you when a matched tone frequency is received. The tone scan detects the tone frequency used in the receiving frequency. 50 CTCSS and 104×2 DTCS tone squelch operation codes (encode and decode) provide quiet standby and allow you repeater access. A pocket beep alerts you of a call and a tone scan can detect the sub-audible tone in use in the receiving signals. Five DTMF memory channels with up to 24 DTMF codes allow remote operation. The optional UT-108 DTMF decoder unit provides code squelch operation as well as a pager function. The V82 has a large LCD display and easy to use controls

ICV8Our price: RM 520
he Icom IC-V8 Sport provides professional quality and functions in a rugged easy-to-use package.

This radio features military grade construction, CTCSS/DTCS encode/decode with tone scan and a full 5.5 watts out with the optional BP-222N battery. Low power output (0.5 watts) is also featured. The V8 has three different
scan modes. These are Programmed, Memory and Priority Watch. Zoom through your personalized scan ranges, 3 user selectable pairs at 40 channels per second. You also get 100 alphanumeric (5 character) memory channels. Each memory stores frequency, name, tone, output power and duplex setting. Plus enjoy fast 40 channel per second scanning. Five DTMF memory channels with up to 24 DTMF codes allow remote operation. The optional DTMF decoder unit (UT-108) provides code squelch operation and pager functions.


FT1802MOur price:
The FT-1802M provides receiver coverage of 136-174 MHz, so you can listen in on a wide variety of commercial, military, public safety, and marine communications.

The FT-1802M is a ruggedly-built, high-performance 50-Watt 2-meter mobile FM transceiver with outstanding receiver performance and crisp, clean audio. Optimized for ease of operation day or night, the FT-1802M is one tough radio for operating in a tough world!

FT2800MOur price:
Heavy-Duty 144 Mhz FM Transceiver

High power output, a huge, easy-to-read display, and one-touch WIRES Internet Linking Access capability are yours with the rugged new FT-2800M!

FT8800ROur price: RM
144/430 MHz Dual Band FM Transceiver

The FT-8800R provides extended receiver coverage beyond the Amateur bands, so you can keep informed of communication activities in the public safety, commercial, aircraft, and government communications ranges.

FT8900ROur price: RM
29/50/144/430 MHz FM Transceiver

The FT-8900R is a ruggedly-built, high quality Quad Band FM transceiver providing 50 Watts of power output on the 29/50/144 MHz Amateur bands, and 35 Watts on the 430 MHz band. It includes leading-edge features like cross-band repeat, dual receive, VHF-UHF Full Duplex capability, and over 800 memory channels. And its 10-meter FM coverage brings the possibility of world-wide FM DX-ing to you on your drive in to work!

price: RM
World first Dual-Band mobile designed to support all-weather outdoor motorsport activities


Super compact detachable front panel is ready to go with your motor vehicle! The unique Waterproof/ Dustproof Front Operation Panel is designed to support All-Weather Outdoor Activity in a manner never before possible. Detach the front panel with one-touch release when transmitting! The detachable front panel may be separated from the main chassis, and attached to a flat metal surface with the magnetic mounting bracket. The microphone and PTT button are built into the front panel.

FT7800ROur price: RM
The FT-7800R provides receiver coverage from 108 to 520 MHz, and 700 to 999.99 MHz (cellular blocked), so you have available a wide range of monitoring excitement, including AM Aircraft, Public Safety, Government, Business, and, of course, Amateur communications.

The FT-7800R provides 50 Watts of power on the 144 Mhz band, and 40 Watts on the 430 MHz, and is designed for simplicity of operation along with high performance in the receiver section. The FT-7800R is ideal for the active Ham who has a need for simplex, repeater, or FM satellite operation on both bands, but without the complication of cross-band repeat capability, which is available on our FT-8800R and FT-8900R models.

VX177 UHFOur price: RM
The VX-177 is an ultra-rugged 5-Watt 430 MHz hand-held

Ideal for use in the most demanding applications. Featuring big receiver audio (almost 3/4 of a Watt!) and long battery life, the VX-177 is protected against water ingress to IPX7 specifications (immersion in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes). The VX-177 utilizes a 16-key pad for frequency and DTMF entry, as well as a wide variety of command functions.

VX150Our price: RM

Compact yet incredibly rugged, the VX-150 2-meter handheld is derived from our Vertex commercial transceiver line, providing exceptional receiver performance along with clean, clear transmit audio. Built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, the 16-key VX-150 is constructed inside a die-cast aluminum housing, with a large, high-output speaker delivering commercial-grade audio. And the illuminated keypad provides easy viewing during nighttime operation. You need a radio that's as tough as your operating environment; compare the features of the VX-150 to other handhelds, and you’ll see that there is no comparison!

VX120Our price: RM 545
Frequency (MHz): 144 - 148 O/P Power (Watt): 5 Type: Water Resistant

The VX-120 is a compact, high-performance FM hand-held providing up to five Watts of RF power, along with big audio output (700 mW) and unmatched protection against the elements!
Protected against water ingress to IPX7 specifications (submersion for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 3 feet), the VX-120 features long operating time, thanks to the supplied 1400 mAh NiMH Battery Pack.
The 8-key VX-120 provides the utmost in operation simplicity, and quick, one-touch access to YAESU’s exciting and fun WiRES-II™ VoIP Internet Linking system!

VX8ROur price: RM
The Yaesu VX-8R HT provides a full 5 watts FM on 50/144/430 MHz plus 1.5 watts on 222 MHz. It supports Blue Tooth hands-free operation with the optional BU-1 and BH-1 or BH-2 accessories.

The Yaesu VX-8R HT provides a full 5 watts FM on 50/144/430 MHz plus 1.5 watts on 222 MHz. It supports Blue Tooth hands-free operation with the optional BU-1 and BH-1 or BH-2 accessories. There is also an optional GPS unit and antenna with loads of features. This radio supports APRS 1200/9600 bps data communication (B band only). Like the VX7R, the VX8R is submersible and meets IPX57 specifications (3 feet for minimum of 30 minutes). A powerful 7.4 V 1100 mAh Lithium Ion battery is included. An optional 3 x AA battery cell case will be offered soon. This HT is small, only 2.36 x 3.74 x 0.92 inches (thinner than VX-7R). It supports simultaneous independent 2-signal dual receive function with both V + V or U + U. It has weather band receive with Weather Alert. A barometric sensor is included. You can even operate Amateur radio while receiving FM broadcasts! The receive coverage is wider than VX-7R, with an independent AM/FM broadcast receiver circuit. The dot matrix LCD display provides Memory tag up to a maximum of 16 characters. You even get a high-resolution Spectrum Analyzer with ±60 channels indication with wave monitoring of received/modulated signal! And DCS and CTCSS encode and decode is included.

VX7ROur price: RM

Protected against water ingress by a wide array of rubber gaskets and other weatherproofing techniques, the VX-7R is rated for 30 minutes of submersion at a depth of 3 feet (JIS-7), plus a tough magnesium body with rubber bumper pads, making it ideal for outdoor use. Plus you get Dual Receive, 50/144/430 MHz operation plus wide-band receive coverage, a full color status indicator Strobe, and an "Internet" key for quick access to the exciting new WIRESâ„¢ repeater-internet linking system.

VX6ROur price: RM
The VX-6R is an ultra-rugged 144-430 MHz FM Hand-Held featuring wide receiver coverage

New on the VX-6R is the One-Touch Direct Memory Recall feature, that allows you to recall ten favorite memories with a single button press, just like on your car stereo.

VX3ROur price: RM

The new ultra-compact VX-3R 2m/70cm FM HT Transceiver is loaded with convenience features. In additon to top quality performance on the 2m and 70cm, you will also be able to enjoy stereo FM and improved AM broadcast band reception with our new Internal Bar Antenna.

VX177 UHFOur price: RM
The VX-177 is an ultra-rugged 5-Watt 430 MHz hand-held

Ideal for use in the most demanding applications. Featuring big receiver audio (almost 3/4 of a Watt!) and long battery life, the VX-177 is protected against water ingress to IPX7 specifications (immersion in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes). The VX-177 utilizes a 16-key pad for frequency and DTMF entry, as well as a wide variety of command functions.

FT60Our price: RM
Yaesu's newest 144/430 MHz 5-Watt FM Hand-held

The FT-60R includes wide receiver coverage, outstanding audio quality, the most CTCSS/DCS flexibility in the industry, and a new Emergency Automatic Identification (EAI) feature for search-and-rescue work.